Intelics Cloud


Reimagine security in the private cloud domain with Intelics' cutting-edge solutions, designed for those who think beyond conventional antivirus defenses. Experience bespoke, fortified environments that stand resilient against the most sophisticated threats. Are you ready to elevate your private cloud's defense? Enquire now.


Transform your public cloud strategy with Intelics' robust protection services. Outpace threats with our advanced, AI-driven solutions that ensure your AWS and Azure deployments are not just efficient, but virtually impenetrable. 


Unify your hybrid cloud security with Intelics' comprehensive defense mechanisms, harmonizing the agility of the cloud with unparalleled safety. Our solution architects the perfect balance of flexibility and ironclad security. Challenge the complexities of multi-cloud environments – Enquire now to pioneer the transformation. 

Compute as a Service

The customization of CPUs and RAM can be adjusted precisely to meet specific requirements, facilitating the optimization of Cloud infrastructure for both usage efficiency and cost management. Intelics Cloud provides the flexibility to swiftly create high-performance virtual machines, fully customized to meet unique requirements.

Network and Security Service

It provides a secure and isolated Cloud resource space for computing and storage needs. It allows for tailored management of computational capabilities, storage volumes & modes, network settings, and governance services.

Storage as a Service

An extensive array of storage solutions, including Block Storage, Object Storage, and high-performance High IOPS Storage, along with Snapshots and Backup services for resilient data management. 

Back up & Recovery Service

Fortify your data with Intelics Clouds' Back up & Recovery Service, engineered for resilience in the face of the unexpected. Elevate beyond traditional recovery; ensure business continuity with our sophisticated, zero-trust architecture. Secure your peace of mind. 


Intelics Clouds' Disaster as a Service equips you to not just survive, but thrive through digital upheavals. Embrace robustness in an era of uncertainties with our preemptive disaster readiness strategies. Turn potential disruption into your strategic foresight.